Forty-year-old cold case solved: Murder of Julia Critchfield

Forty-year-old cold case solved: Murder of Julia Critchfield:

After 40 years of not know who was responsible for the murder of Julia Critchfield in Saucier, Harrison County investigators solve this cold case, helping a family with closure.

It was January 22nd, 1978 when 36-year-old Julia Critchfield was found dead in a dirt pit in Saucier. No one was arrested for her death. Now 40 years later, the family was notified about who killed Critchfield. Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson said, “They were happy that there was a resolution to it. They were happy that something became of it and we never gave up on it.”

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Harrison County sheriff investigators were contacted by the Texas Rangers saying they had an inmate by the name of Samuel Little who was connected to some Harrison County murders. Investigators went to Decatur, Texas to interview Little and ask him some questions about the case. “On this particular case, he gave us particulars that only he would know. So, we feel quite certain that he’s the one that committed this murder,” said Sheriff Peterson.

Samuel Little could be connected to more than 90 murders across the United States. Recently, he’s been convicted of murdering three women in California and another woman in Texas. Sheriff Peterson said, “He’s a serial killer for one thing. He’s committed murders from Florida to California. So, his motives are unknown.”

Little already has three consecutive life sentences and there could be more charges on the way as he could be connected to three more deaths in Harrison County from the late ’70s. “So, once he gets through with all of his judicial proceedings there then we will extradite him here for a hearing,” said Sheriff Peterson.